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Wet Crusher
MS Juice Extractor (Wet Type) with Excellent Extraction Rate

MS Juice Extractor is a large piece of equipment appropriate for kimchi factory and fruit farms growing apples, pears, and Korean raspberries, and it was developed through many years of researches to complement the disadvantages of existing juice extraction methods, produce less heat, and double the extraction rate. It has been used in the green vegetable juice extraction line, ordinary juice extraction line, environmental waste processing line, and seasoning additives (liquid) production line, etc.
· Built with stainless steel for cleanness.
· Keeps the taste and nutrients by not producing heat
· Possible to use the same machine to materials of completely different properties.
· Juice is filtered down to the level of 150-m or finer, requiring no secondary sorting process.
· Easy to clean and prevents the propagation of microorganisms.
· Extraction rate is very high. O Also possible to extract liquid materials (onion, etc.)
· Possible to operate continuously (4Hr-8Hr)

No. MS Juice Extractor (Wet Type)
Capacity 500~700kg/h
Processing Particle Size 150㎛
Yield 70%~95%
Power Supply 3PH × 380V × 11kw
Dimensions W700 × L1550 × H1180
Weight 550kg
Separate Specifications

 · Filter ASSY
 · Extraction Screw
 · Strainer Replacement
 · Pressurized Washer for Cleaning Strainer
 · Cooling Jacket and Cooling Water Feed Line
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