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Fruit Juice Extraction Line
Fruit Juice Extraction Line is composed of the Washing facilities appropriate for the type of materials, sanitary juice extraction and sterilization system, and packing facilities and is designed to maintain the original taste and nutrients of the raw materials.
Features of Fruit Juice Extraction Line
1. Application of Washing facilities appropriate for the characteristics of materials
2. High juice extraction rate of 90-95%, pipe and tank with high corrosion resistance
3. HTST sterilizer capable of automatic and continuous operation and of maintaining quality
4. Packing facilities capable of controlling temperature and feeding rate precisely
5. Sanitary pouch sterilization, cooling system
Specification of Fruit Juice Extraction Line
1. Dimension or Area 15,000(W) x 20,000(L) x 2,000(H)
2. Capacity 8-10 ton/day
3. Power Consumption: 3 Phase x 380V x 45kW
4. Water Consumption : 13 ton/day
5. Sterilizing Water Consumption : 6 ton/day
6. Air Consumption : 137 liter/Wash
7. Steam Consumption : 100kg/hr (rated evaporation), 5kg/cms
Flow Chart of Fruit Juice Extraction Line

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