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Lettuce Packing Machine
Automatic Lettuce and Cabbage Packing Machine

Automatic Lettuce Packer uses microcomputer control for high performance, simple operation, and accurate and safe operation to achieve safety and economic efficiency.
NO. NV-650 NV-851
Total Length 1270mm 1270mm
Total Width 820mm 820mm
Total Height 910mm 910mm
Weight 170kg 170kg
Power/Vollage AC 100V AC 100V
Operating Power 450W 450W
Packing Capacity / Hour 650EA/h Total Width 850EA/h
Packing Target Lettuce, Cabbage, Broccoli, cauliflower, etc.
Packing Size 200mm(Widh) x 190 mm (Length) or Smaller
Sealing Melhod Thermosetting Thermosetting
Film Malerial OPP(polypropiene) OPS(polystyrene)
Film Thickness 0.015mm 0.015mm
Film Format Roll Flim(1000m) Roll Flim(1000m)
Film Width 530mm~630mm 530mm~650mm
Film Culling Length 470mm~630mm 470mm~630mm
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