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Multiple Steaming Washing Line
1. Edible Herbs, Leaf Vegetables
2. Marine Products, Finished Products (Sterilized)

This is an automated line which heats Water With the bucket turnover type steamer and washer and indirect Steam heal to steam the materials and also washes, cools, and inses materials. It is effective for steaming edible herbs and Sterilizing finished products and Can Serve Various purposes.
Features of Multiple Steaming Line
1. Selectively applies VOrtex or air bubble according to the type of the material
2. Uses indirect steam in compliance with HACCP
3. Cylinder operated safe bucket dumping structure and prevents damage to materials
4. Integrated management System using PLC touch panel
5. Scalability of line Capable of adjusting the intensity of steamer and washer
Specification of Multiple Steaming Line
1. Dimension or Area 1,500(W) x 6,900(L) x 1,800(H)
2. Capacity : 3-4 ton/day
3. Power Consumption : 3 Phase x 380V x 8kW
4. Water Consumption : 3ion/day
5. Air Consumption : 137 liter/steam
6. Steam Consumption : 100kg/hr (Rated Evaporation), 5kg/㎠
Flow Chart of Multiple Steaming Line

Multiple Washing Line (All-in-One)
1. Leaf vegetables, bulbs and tubers, fruit vegetables
2. Sliced or diced leaf vegetables, bulbs and tubers, fruit vegetables
3. Marine products, finished products (frozen)

Bucket turnover washer creates vortex inside the bucket to wash the raw materials and pushes the diri particles out of the bucket, capable of washing various materials such as Vegetables, bulbs and tubers, fruit vegetables.
Features of Multiple Washing Line
1. Cylinder operated safe bucket dumping structure and sensor operating system
2. Integrated management system using PLC touch panel
3. Reduces operating cost through the water circulating system
Specification of Multiple Washing Line
1. Dimension or Area 1,400(W) x 3800(L) x 1,800(H)
2. Capacity 8 ton/day
3. Power Consumption : 3Phase x 380V × 7.5kW
4. Water Consumption 24 ton/day
5. Air Consumption : 70 liter/wash
Flow Chart of Multiple Washing Line

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